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Joanna Finnis



Joanna has been entertaining, songwriting and co-producing songs since her early teens.  Self taught on piano she writes primarily love songs and piano pieces.  Joanna's core skill is top line melodies and she collaborates regularly with Pop producers.  Her lyrics are personal, open and honest and on top of her songs sits her unique and gentle singing voice.  After several years of writing synth pop she now finds herself seeking a musical change and has started working with established composers helping turn her elegant, simple piano pieces into full orchestral compositions.  


In addition to songwriting, Joanna has sung lead for multiple bands; created and ran a children's singing school; has written for several bands/artists; has performed at many once-in-a-lifetime venues including the honor of singing the National Anthem at the San Francisco Giants baseball team.  She was also a volunteer choir director for an elementary school choir for ten years.


Joanna enjoys releasing as an independent artist but is currently focusing on expanding her songwriting catalogue and working with music supervisors for sync placement.

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